Lighting and energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency usually is perceived as lower fuel or electricity consumption, but it also consists of smarter management of production processes and resources that customers use in their daily business. ICE helps its customers improve the management of energy resources according to their needs.

As UNI / CEI 11352 ESCO (Energy Service COmpany), we propose solutions that guarantee access to economic incentives financing the implementation of energy efficiency solutions.

A result to pursue

All energy consumptions are analyzed and optimized by evaluating the best technology available on the market.

We evaluate investments together with the clients from costs and pay-back time perspectives, in order to ensure that they are rewarded by pursuing greater energy savings.

The agreed actions are carried out with the help of experienced collaborators and the most effective technologies.

The results are measurable and verifiable.

Experience and expertise for tailor-made solutions

Client requirements and expectations are analyzed verifying at first whether the desired results are realistic.

Depending on the agreement with the client, a phase of investigative measurements is initiated to analytically examine the margin of improvement and circumscribe the interventions.
ICE provides its engineering skills to thoroughly analyze the results and to develop an optimal intervention strategy.

Step 1

Customer’s need and expectations are defined then we make a preliminary check whether they are realistic or not.

Step 2

Once we know the target shared with customer, next step defines technology and operations needed to fulfil the result.

Step 3

This is the operative Step in which our collaborators and industrial partners are involved in producing the result.

Step 4

Result Analysis with our customer.

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