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White Shares
They are energy efficiency certification options obtained by certified subject in the field of energy saving projects.
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0
Innovative technologies at the service of productivity, flexibility and quality.

As UNI / CEI 11352 ESCO (Energy Service COmpany), we propose solutions that guarantee access to economic incentives financing the implementation of energy efficiency solutions.

Using the EPC (EPC, Energy Performance Contract) instrument ICE aims to finance projects with an high eco-sustainability and a good pay-back period giving to the customer the guarantee of performance.


Energy Efficiency
We evaluate investments together with the clients from costs and pay-back time perspectives, in order to ensure that they are rewarded by pursuing greater energy savings.
Energy Audit
Energy Audit is defined as a systematic procedure to profile energy consumption aiming to detect and quantify energy saving opportunities from a cost-benefit perspective.
ICE supports its customer for PED technical dossier redaction
Plant design
ICE offers to its customer the possibility to use its internal resources and technical expertise to design new plants or new industrial facilities.

In a world where the motto seems to be "produce green" we think that the more "green" energy is the one saved: the choice is yours...

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