White Shares

The White Shares or properly Energy Efficency Title (Certificati Bianchi or TEE in Italian), are energy efficiency certification options obtained by certified subject in the field of energy saving projects.

Giving an economical contribution to the project, these represent an incentive in reducing the energy consumption for a common environmental advantage.

Our competence for a common benefit

We are strongly convinced that the payback-period for energy efficiency investments are very fast (often les the 2 years), but these times could be further reduced by incentives, because the White Certificates mechanism rewards the entrepreneurs which are implementing energy saving projects.

Because we are

  • certified UNI CEI 11352
  • with an Energy Manager Expert (EGE certified UNI 11339)
  • recognized by GSE and GME

we guarantee to our customers the access to the environmental markets and to get the incentives for their projects.

ICE supports the customer starting from the project to guarantee the best technologies available, to obtain optimal performances and to ensure the incentives.

360° ESCO

Using the EPC (EPC, Energy Performance Contract) instrument ICE aims to finance projects with an high eco-sustainability and a good pay-back period giving to the customer the guarantee of performance.

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