Efficiency as business goal

Energy Audit

The Italian law D.Lgs. 102 dated 4 July 2014, transposing 2012/27/EU directive by the European Parliament on energy efficiency, requires large and energy consuming companies to perform an Energy Audit by 5 December 2015. Such audit must be repeated and updated every four years. Energy Audit (Diagnosi Energetica, in Italian) is defined as a systematic procedure to profile energy consumption aiming to detect and quantify energy saving opportunities from a cost-benefit perspective.

Know your business

Efficiency shall become an actual business goal and our work result accomplishes this task, producing a detailed plan of actions to improve your energy saving. By creating a thermal and electrical model of you company, including both plant and processes, we will highlight energy-wasting criticalities. A variety of energy efficiency interventions is then simulated to detect the most economically advantageous ones.

Our goals

These are the goals of our Energy Audit:

To make companies aware

of their ongoing energy flows relying on electric energy or fossil hydrocarbons. A detailed quantification is provided using bottom-up and top-down analysis strategies;

To develop

an effective intervention plan to improve energy saving and efficiency in a clear and verifiable way;

To help

 the client in implementing a measuring strategy to understand the current performance and future trends;

To make

all these analyses become investment rather than expenses.

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