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Managing the maturation temperatures of the containers in the production plants is often left to the operator's expertise, thus resulting in inefficiencies or problems. ICE developed a control system dedicated to prefabricated companies with the aim of ensuring the required quality and the maximum efficiency.

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The help you need for concrete curing

CONCRETUM is the control system for the management of forced maturation of concrete. Through a centralized PLC unit and an intuitive graphical interface, you can program the ripening cycles of each formwork, manage alarms, and access the history of production lots.

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The system manages the maturation temperatures of each single formwork (optionally even a zonal control is provided) by directly acting on the opening of the valves regulating the thermal input. In this way, it is possible to ensure a precise maturation profile control and to ensure excellent mechanical properties of the final product. 

CONCRETUM is developed as an energy saving system: it is proven that consumption is reduced considerably with proper control and a correct setting of ripening profiles.

You can set remote alarms to prevent incorrect maturation, see if the process is interrupted and possibly recoverable. Remote system maintenance is also possible using a VPN.

As with all our products, we guarantee perfect compatibility within the existing customer network.

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