Efficiency industrial lighting


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The use of LED lamps in place of fluorescence ones saves on company consumption, providing at the same time a light suitable for every need and reliable over time.

ICE offers a control system for maximum efficiency and customization from the lighting system. With Lucifer the light is where you need it!

Lighting and environment

Effective lighting

Lucifer is an industrial lighting control system that suits the customer needs.

It consists of:

  • Customizable LED lamps - for maximum efficiency without sacrificing lighting quality
  • Centralized light controller - to monitor the system and configure it remotely 
  • Indoor Positioning System - to make light automatically follow you as you need it

It can be applied in any industrial context and is decisive when lighting is required to adapt to different scenarios and environmental conditions.

Efficiency and control

Savings are guaranteed by using LEDs and maximized by lighting strategies.

The patented adaptive light control system creates an optimal lighting zone around the operators, while reducing brightness and power consumption in unused areas.

The light transition is always soft because the position of the operators is determined automatically by the Indoor Positioning System developed by ICE.

The system is remotely accessible from different devices to keep the situation under control.

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