iMAGO is an integrated system able to recreate a dynamic image of energy consumption by reaching a widespread set of measuring instruments. In addition to the historicization of consumption trends, it allows also the creation of customized KPI (Key Performance Indicators): always have full control over the energy performance of the company. The customization of the iMAGO monitoring system is tailored on the customer's needs, including the integration with any instrument developed to communicate in the industrial field, even if preexisting.

Interface IMAGO XT

A new system, simply magical, 7 times unique.

The solution for companies aiming at implementing an UNI CEI EN ISO 50001 energy management system or simply when the vision includes the energy consumption monitoring.


When you know it, you love it, if you try it, you save!

The IMAGO LX system

It is designed to guarantee simple monitoring of electrical parameters with a high quality/price ratio. The easy and quick installation, carried out by the customers themselves, makes it flexible. It is ideal for those who need to investigate specific energy usage or give visibility to the general consumption of the company.


Displaying your data has never been so easy!

IMAGO SX software has been designed also for all those Companies that produce systems for measurement and monitoring, or industrial machinery (but not only) not natively equipped with customizable user interfaces.

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