Monitoring and management thermal energy

Vapo Box


From the beginning of the industrial revolution the problem of increasing the thermal energy production performances was very sensitive. Today technology, machines integration and new generation of systems and control logics enable disruptive solutions for all the company which use steam and heat power in their production processes.

The future thermal energy

VapoBox is a control system for thermal and steam generators able to increase efficiency, safety and reduce operating costs. The integrated system is developed following the newest logics and technology following the philosophy from the industry 4.0. There is also the possibility of a remote and automate all the control functions.

The Vapobox system could be applied to thermal plant of production factory, commercial mall and large residential department for hot water, steam and other heating fluids production.

A compact, modular and flexible system

The VapoBox system could be supplied in a boxed plug&play solution:

  • The dimensions never exceed the standard container
  • It is possible to fit-in all the all the accessories to satisfy the customer needs
  • Start-up times will be considerably reduced

Every module is designed to communicate with other modules and the operation center to guarantee safety and a constant high level efficiency; in addition to this, the Vapobox, could be economically supported by current legislation thanks to its innovative behaviors and green approach.

Today, the Vapobox, is available in those sizes:

Sistema BOX  

Operating pressure

[bar]         Heating power

[kW]         Steam productivity


1-12         700         1.000

1-12         2.000       3.000

1-12         3.500       5.000

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